The Wall Group

The Wall Group, a top New York and L.A. based agency, represents hair stylists, makeup artists, and photo shoot designers for most major fashion magazines. BLOOMWIRE was hired to update the design and functionality of their Web site, with a feature that allows the company's new work to be published on a weekly basis.
The General Greene

The General Greene -- a restaurant specializing in classic comfort foods in a simple, cozy setting -- turned to BLOOMWIRE for a like-minded design. The Web site showcases the restaurant's menu, photos of the dining area, and its impressive list of reviews. Best of all, restaurant owners can log in to an application that allows them to update their online menu as needed.

Graziella's, a family owned restaurant in Forte Greene, Brooklyn famous for it's brick oven pizza hired Bloomwire to build a website to accomodate it's growing popularity and press coverage. Bloomwire was also hired to photograph it's entire menu as well the restaurant interior.